Community Inclusion and Communication in Public Safety

Community Inclusion and Communication in Public Safety

Without doubt, the United States’ history and its present day are marred by injustices based on race and ethnicity. Like many of our long-standing institutions, law enforcement has been interwoven with the laws, policies and procedures that have led to discrimination, inequity and exclusion that has harmed our neighbors, families and friends. We acknowledge the collective weight of this history and the need for change.

But acknowledgement isn’t enough. It is our time to listen, to hold space, to empathize and to work together to create a more equitable future. We need to actively combat systemic injustices, continue to be transparent and to hold each other accountable by supporting open and respectful conversations with our community. Public Safety is committed to a higher level of public service for everyone.

We are grateful for our campus community partnerships and look forward to developing more as we support the emerging needs of our community. Moving forward, know that our commitment to your safety will not waiver.

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