Reporting Sexual Assault

Reporting Sexual Assault to Police

You have options when reporting to us. When we receive your call, an officer can come to your location, meet you at the Aurora Center or you can come to our department. The first officer you have contact with will probably be in uniform. Officers from our Patrol Unit typically are the first contact for making a police report. They will ask you basic questions about the incident, help you contact the Aurora Center, help you determine where to get a SARS exam and most importantly, make sure you are safe.

The initial officer will discuss collecting evidence. Evidence includes items such as clothing and bedding.

The officer will complete a police report. The report will be titled “Criminal Sexual Conduct”. Your identity will not be listed on the public version of this report. By state law, your identity cannot be released to the public.

Your case will be assigned to an investigator. Your investigator will coordinate all aspects of the criminal investigation.

At any time, you can tell the investigator you do not want to continue with the criminal investigation. The report and evidence will be kept and used if you decide at a different time to move forward within the statute of limitations.

Once the investigation is complete, the case is submitted the Hennepin or Ramsey County Attorney’s Office. They will review the case and evidence for consideration of criminal charges.

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