UMPD Complaints

If you have concerns about the performance of a member of the UMPD obtain the officer’s name or badge number and call the UMPD at 612-624-COPS (2677) and ask to speak to a supervisor. UMPD personnel are required to give their last name and badge number to citizens upon request. Citizens have the option of allowing the supervisor to handle the complaint in an informal manner or they may choose to file a formal written complaint.

Initial Complaint Form

Completed forms can be dropped off at the Department of Public Safety located at 505 Washington Ave SE or emailed to [email protected].

Written complaints require a full explanation of your encounter with the police officer(s), including date, time, and location. By law, complaints must be signed by the complainant. The identities and contact information for any witnesses with direct knowledge of the alleged misconduct should be provided.

A preliminary evaluation will be made to provide the chief of police with sufficient information to determine if there are grounds for a formal investigation to proceed. For example, there are a number of law enforcement agencies working in the university area and we must be sure you are addressing the issue with the appropriate agency.

If there are preliminary grounds to believe the member of the UMPD may have violated a department or university procedure(s), an investigation will be conducted.

The UMPD lieutenant overseeing Investigations and Outreach normally serves as the internal affairs investigator. The internal affairs investigator, working within the Peace Officers Discipline Procedures Act, will interview any witnesses, the officer(s) involved, conduct a follow-up interview with the complainant (if necessary) and collect all evidence. Should the complainant or witnesses decline to participate, the investigator may proceed based on available information.

Upon completion of the investigation, the investigative report, including recommendations from the internal affairs investigator, are forwarded to the chief of police for disposition. The chief of police may decide a complaint of misconduct has been sustained (proven), not-sustained (not proven), or exonerated (the action took place but was lawful and proper). Findings are based on whether the officer(s) violated any UMPD or University policies and/or procedures.

You will be notified of the Chief's decision in writing. You may review the findings with the investigator.

False reports: Minnesota State Statute, 609.505, Subdivision 2 , provides that filing a false report of police misconduct with a law enforcement agency is a criminal offense. This state statute is not meant to discourage the filing of legitimate complaints, only to discourage intentionally bringing false complaints against law enforcement personnel.