Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I file a police report?

How can I get a copy of a police report?

Requests for police reports and other law enforcement data, maintained by the University of Minnesota Police Department, must be requested online via the University’s Data Request Center at:

Information on my police report is incorrect. How do I contact the officer to make changes?

Stop by the UMPD front desk during normal business hours or call 612 624-2677 and ask to speak to someone Records.  Please have the case number ready and they will assist you.

I have a serial number for an item that I reported stolen last week. How do I get it added to my report?

You can contact the reporting officer, stop by the UMPD front desk during normal business hours or call 612 624-2677 and ask to speak to someone in Records.  It is helpful if you have your case number.

I need to file a State Accident Report, how can I do that?

You can either get the form from the State of Minnesota DVS or stop by our front desk and get a carbon copy report.  If you are on scene at an accident that an officer responds to, the officer can give you the report or they may fill it out and submit it for you if the damages are extensive.

What should you do if stopped by the police?

University of Minnesota Police Officers have a difficult and stressful job in enforcing the law, and sometimes dealing with persons who are hostile or violent. The officer you encounter probably does not know you personally, and may approach you with caution to ensure your safety as well as their own. You are expected to treat an officer in the same manner the officer is expected to treat you; with courtesy and respect.

If reasonable suspicion exists, police officers have the authority to conduct a limited search of your person for concealed weapons. In this situation, you should remain calm and follow the officer’s instructions carefully.

If you are in a car and see flashing red and/or blue lights on a police car behind you, you should:

  • Slow down
  • Activate turn signal to indicate compliance
  • Pull over as soon as it is safe into a well lit area and out of the path of other traffic
  • Answer officer’s questions calmly and with consideration. Do not argue with, challenge, ignore, or be offensive to the officer.

Keep in mind the officer is only doing their job and is working within established guidelines when making contact with citizens.

How do I address concerns or complaints?

What do I do if I received a parking citation in error?

Does the University of Minnesota have a lost and found?

The University of Minnesota does not have a central lost and found.  If you lost an item, check at location where you believe you lost it.  Most buildings have administrative offices where people will take lost items.  If an item is found by an officer or brought to the police department, an effort will be made to contact the owner if possible (wallet, ID card, etc).  

If you find an item, take it to the front desk or administrative office of the building where you found it.

How can I get property that was taken by a police officer?

If you have property that was taken by an officer, first determine what agency the officer was with.  You will need to call and see if your property can be released and to make an appointment to pick it up. 

For property taken by a UMPD officer, contact Officer Josh Betts at (612) 625-5564.  You must have an appointment to pick up property.  If you stop by without one, you will be told to make an appointment.

How can I get a set of fingerprints?

UMPD does not offer public fingerprinting.  There are several agencies in the area that provide this service for a fee.

Hennepin County Sheriff's Department

MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension 

Where can I get a background check?

If you need to get a personal background checks, you can contact the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.  

I am doing a class project related to law enforcement or UMPD, who can I contact to assist me?

Send us an email at [email protected].  Please give a brief description of your project so your inquiry can be directed to the correct person.

It can take several business days for someone to address your request.  Please take that into consideration.

Is metered parking free on Holidays?

Unless there is a large event on campus, University parking meters are free on most official University holidays.

UM Parking Meter information

City of Minneapolis Parking Meter information