Bike Safety

Bike Theft
Unfortunately, bicycle theft is a significant problem on campus. The bike patrol unit works to deter this with focused patrols of bike racks on campus and by educating the campus community of best practices for securing bikes.

You can help keep your bike safe by consistently following the basics: always parking in a well-lit public area and securing the frame and both wheels with a high-quality U-lock. It is also advisable to register your bicycle with the City of Minneapolis. Tips for securing your bike and keeping it safe can be found in the left hand menu.

Safe Riding
With thousands of people moving around and through the university by foot, bike, car and public transit, keeping people safe is a big task. The UMPD and SMP bike patrol assists with this goal by focusing on bike transit safety. This includes educating riders about bike paths and routes, bike laws and campus ordinances, and modeling safe riding practices. You can learn more about safe riding and other safety information at the University of Minnesota’s SAFE-U website. Metro Transit also has an informative site about safe riding. Please remember that riding a bicycle on sidewalks, crosswalks or pedestrian areas is prohibited unless it is in compliance with all posted signs and in designated bike lanes.

Proper Bike Parking
On campus, you should always lock your bike to a university-designated bike rack. For more specifics, the university has detailed ordinances regarding the proper parking of bicycles. For example, it is against university ordinance to park a bicycle in any classroom, auditorium, laboratory or other place which blocks or limits access to building entrances, handicap or pedestrian ramps, stairways, hallways, doors, fire hydrants, fire lanes, bicycle lanes or sidewalks. Attaching a bicycle to any tree or plant material or parking a bicycle on any handicap or pedestrian ramp is also prohibited.

To ensure safe access for all and to minimize damage to university property, the bike patrol unit enforces ordinances relating to the parking of bicycles on university property. Individuals who improperly park a bike may receive a citation and/or have their bike impounded. If you have improperly parked your bike, and is gone upon your return, call 612-624-COPS to see if it has been impounded. To avoid citations and to keep your bike properly secured while on campus, always lock your bike at a university-designated bike rack.

Tips to Keep your Bike Safe (PDF)