Rave Guardian Campus Safety App

The University of Minnesota is implementing the Rave Guardian Campus Safety App as part of its campus safety initiative. This app provides the ‘virtual escort’ recommended by Dr. Cedric Alexander in his Twin Cities campus public safety report completed in January 2021.

Once you register and create a user profile, you may request a virtual escort by selecting the ‘Virtual Escort’ button, entering the location where you’re going and the time it will take to get to your destination. You can invite friends and family to be your "Social Guardian,” so they can monitor you along the way. 

When you arrive at your destination, you simply deactivate your timer in the app . If you don’t arrive in the estimated time and your time expires, your selected guardians and Public Safety will be alerted.

Your location is visible to the Social Guardians selected to monitor your escort, but it is only visible to Public Safety staff if your escort timer expires before you deactivate it. If your timer expires, Public Safety will dispatch someone to check your welfare.

The tool will augment, not replace, the other safety offerings for the Twin Cities campus (e.g., 624-WALK). 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Rave Guardian?

Rave Guardian is a free smart-phone app that provides University of Minnesota students, faculty and staff with access to Virtual Escorts and other helpful safety and security resources on campus. 


Who is able to use the Rave Guardian app?

All University of Minnesota students, faculty and staff with a umn.edu email address will be able to sign up and use the Rave Guardian App. 

Is the Department of Public Safety able to know where everyone with Rave Guardian is?

No. Rave Guardian will only report your location to Public Safety if your Virtual Escort timer has expired. Public Safety will also be notified of your location if you use either the Non-Emergency or Emergency Call buttons and have Location Services activated on your phone. 

Who can be assigned as a Guardian?

Anybody you’d like. You can set friends or family as a Guardian in the app, and they can monitor your walk.

How does the Virtual Escort feature work?

Once you have downloaded and set up the app, you can invite your friends and family to join your network as “Guardians,” even if they do not have the app themselves. They can be invited to join you during a timed session, such as a walk home. Here’s how it works: 

  • Select anybody from your phone’s contact list (and/or Public Safety) to be your Guardian to join you during your trip. 
    • If you do not select Official Guardian, Public Safety will not be able to monitor your virtual escort. 
  • Add a note explaining to your Guardian explaining where you’re going.
  • Select how long you think the trip will take.
  • Hit “Start Timer,” and your selected Guardian will receive a text link to monitor your trip.
  • During the timed trip, Rave Guardian will share your approximate location and route with your chosen Guardians. Only Guardians you choose can see this data.
    • Public Safety will only see your location if you select them as your Official Guardian AND your Safety Timer has expired. 
  • If the time for your trip has changed, you can use the Add or Subtract buttons to adjust your time. 
  • Deactivate your timer when you arrive safely at your destination. If you don’t deactivate your timer, Rave Guardian will automatically message your Guardians when it expires.
    • If you have Public Safety selected as your Official Guardian and your timer expires, Public Safety Dispatchers will give you a call to check on your status. If you cannot be reached by phone, an Officer from UMPD will be dispatched to your last reported location. 

Does Rave Guardian work off campus?

Timers can be set to start anywhere within the same boundaries as U Security’s 624-WALK service.

624-WALK Boundaries

In the event of an emergency outside of this area, you should dial 911. 

What is the difference between the “Non-Emergency” and “Emergency” Call buttons?

The Non-Emergency button will connect you directly to Dispatchers in the University of Minnesota Public Safety Emergency Communications Center (PSECC) while the 911 feature will route your call to the nearest 911 center as if you had placed the call dialing 911. 

Can I still contact Public Safety if I don’t use the app?

Yes. You can still reach Public Safety at 612-624-COPS (612-624-2677) or 911 in the event of an emergency. 

Can I still use the U Security 624-Walk Service?

Yes. Rave Guardian will not take the place of U Security’s 624-Walk Service, and they can still be reached at 612-624-WALK (612-624-9255).