Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is responsible for investigating crimes that occur on property owned, leased, or operated by the University of Minnesota. CID personnel are assigned geographical areas of responsibility. They also function as crime prevention officers for their areas. This combination ensures that the officers take an active roll in preventing and reducing the crimes that are happening in their area. The CID officers have a strong working relationship with faculty, staff, and students in their areas so that there are open lines of communication when it comes to addressing crime and safety issues. 

Find an Investigator

If you would like to contact the Investigator for you area, please refer to the directory below. Investigators are accessible through office phones, mobile phones, and e-mail. For more information, you may also contact the Division Commander.

Lt. Jason Printz612 624-7348 [email protected]Investigations Supervisor
Sgt. Jessica Lapp612 625-2725[email protected]

Bias Crimes

All Residence Halls

Commonwealth Terrace Cooperative

Como Student Housing

Investigator Andrew Carlson612 624-0525[email protected]

Board of Regents


East Bank facilities north of Washington Ave SE (excluding Residence Halls)

Investigator Daniel Farrar   
612 626-4413[email protected]

West Bank (excluding Middlebrook Hall)

Coffman Memorial Union

Community University Health Care Center

Sexual Assault Investigation Specialist

Investigator Luke Huck612 626-2276[email protected]

Residence Halls

Mental Health Officer

Investigator Beth Thomas612 625-0865[email protected]

Academic Health Center

East Bank facilities south of Washington Ave SE (excluding Residence Halls)

St. Paul Campus (excluding Bailey and Commonwealth Terrace Cooperative)