Active Shooter

The police department offers presentations and information on responding to an active shooter.  To set up a presentation, please fill out a Community Outreach Officer form and indicate you would like an active shooter presentation.  

How to Respond to An Active Shooter Situation

Scams and Scammers

We have put together a few resources to inform our community about common scams.  These resources focus on scams that have been observed by student, staff and faculty at the University.  Never hesitate to contact us if you experience a phone call, email or text that you do not feel is reputable.  


Binge drinking in college students receives a lot of attention.  There are health and legal consequences to binge drinking.  We created a handout to summarize Minnesota law, medical amnesty and how these can apply to students.  In addition, the University has many resources to learn about alcohol abuse or get help if it is needed.