UMPD officers with students


University of Minnesota Police Department
Main Office
Transportation and Safety Building
511 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis

When to dial 9-1-1

To report an EMERGENCY, DIAL 911 immediately
Always call 9-1-1 if:

  • a crime is in progress, or
  • someone is hurt or threatened, or
  • you witness a suspicious person or unusual behavior
  • a weapon (gun, knife, etc) was used or threatened, or
  • you can provide information about who may have committed the crime


To report a crime that is not an emergency and is not in progress, please DIAL 612-624-COPS (2677) or stop by our lobby.  You will meet with an officer who will obtain detailed information from you.  The officer will be able to provide you with information on victim services, next steps and crime prevention information.

When reporting a crime, you will be asked many questions.  Here are some examples of information an officer will ask you about:

  • When the crime happened (date and time)
  • Where it happened 
  • Your name, contact information, State Driver’s License or ID number
  • Details of the event
  • Other people involved (suspect, if known; witnesses)
  • If property was involved, who owns it
  • The property owner's contact information
  • For a vehicles: Make, Model, Color, License Plate Number, Insurance-company name & policy number, etc. 
  • Property other than vehicles: Serial Number, Product Name, Manufacturer, Description, Condition, etc
  • For the details of the incident. There’s a section where you can describe in your own words, what happened.

Online reporting (through the Minneapolis Police Department)
If you have been the victim of certain property crimes on the Minneapolis Campus of the University of Minnesota, you have the option of completing an online police report. Once completed, the report will be made available to University of Minnesota Police Department (UMPD) personnel and it will be handled like any other police report.

At this time the police reports which can be submitted online are:

  • Theft
  • Theft from Motor Vehicle
  • Lost Property
  • Damage to Property
  • Damage to Motor Vehicle

Minneapolis Police Department Online Report

NOTE: If the crime you are reporting occurred in a University building make sure you select the Landmark or Building option when you reach the page titled “Select Location of Incident.” This will ensure that your report is routed to the University Police.