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University Security Job Information

Position Title: Student Security Monitor
Position Number: 213428
Pay: $11.00

University Security has served the University of Minnesota since 1974 by utilizing student employees to act as the “eyes and ears” for UMPD.  Our mission is to serve university students, staff, faculty and visitors by enhancing personal safety, reducing risks and at all times acting as ambassadors of the University of Minnesota. 

To do this we employ approximately 150 students to provide a variety of public safety services.  Our services include: 624-WALK, our 24/7 safe-walk program since 1980; campus security patrols; event security; bicycle patrols; bicycle lock assistance; and dedicated Security Monitors to provide a safe and secure environment at residence halls, libraries, and many other campus buildings.

Our student employees have a variety of backgrounds and represent a broad cross-section of the student population.  Student employees of University Security have different educational goals, interests, and experiences that together provide the ability to serve all members of the University community.

Student employees benefit from the program by developing a wide variety of skills including: time management, responsibility, leadership, assertiveness, confidence, and communication skills that will complement their academic experience and translate to any career field.  For students interested in law enforcement careers, the opportunity to work within the field of public safety and develop relationships with public safety professionals gives them real world experiences and skills to bring to their first job after graduation that others don’t have.

About the Department

University Security is a service of the University of Minnesota Department of Public Safety. University Security is a visible security presence on the University of Minnesota campus. They work with police officers to ensure a safe environment for all U of MN students, staff, faculty, and visitors. Security Monitors communicate with U of MN community members in order to increase safety on campus and to request that community members comply with applicable rules, regulations, and laws. Security Monitors are a visible deterrent and should never physically intervene in an incident. Security Monitors will request assistance from the U of MN Police when necessary.