Security Data and Access Department

The University of Minnesota is committed to providing an environment that is safe and secure for students, faculty, staff, university affiliates, and visitors. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is responsible for managing building security and access throughout University campuses.  The DPS Security Data and Access team is involved in meeting the University’s security and safety goals. Their efforts have created a safer, more secure campus in which to teach, learn, and work.

Your U Card is your official University of Minnesota ID

Your U Card is your key to enter campus buildings. It is recommended you carry your U Card at all times. See the definitions below of when and where you can use your U Card to access University buildings.

  • Public Hours: Many campus facilities are open to the general public during Public Hours without the need for a U Card. Campus Maps lists Public Hours and University Hours for UMTC buildings. 

  • University Hours: All active faculty, staff, and students are granted U Card access during University Hours to most UMTC buildings. If you require access beyond University Hours, arrangements must be made by the Department Facility Representative (DFR) for your department or college. 

  • Restricted Hours: Areas requiring restrictive control for security reasons are not included in access during University Hours. Access requirements during Restricted Hours are determined by your department or college. Restricted access will only be granted with the approval of the Department Facility Representative (DFR) for that building/area.