Predatory and Sexual Offenders

Level 3 sex offenders are required by law to keep law enforcement agencies apprised of their current residence, employment and school addresses, as well as any changes. In addition, certain of these offenders have demonstrated by their past behavior that they are part of a group who pose the greatest risk to the public when released. This does not mean that they will commit a new crime, just that they are part of a group of persons who might.

State and federal law requires the University of Minnesota Police Department to advise the University community of the release or residence of such predatory sex offenders in our community. Accordingly, listed below are those predatory sex offenders who have notified the State of Minnesota that they are attending classes or employed at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus. These individuals are not wanted by law enforcement at this time and have served the sentence imposed upon them by the court. The use of this information to threaten, harass, or intimidate such individuals may be a crime and will not be tolerated.